Online application for calculation of economic impacts of cultural organizations and events in the Czech Republic

The application is made for anybody, who is interested in economic impacts of visitor expenditures of a cultural project in the Czech Republic.

Just fill in basic information concerning your project and its visitors and the application calculates impacts of the project on

  • total production of the Czech economy
  • gross domestic product (resp. gross value added)
  • employees income
  • employment (jobs created)
  • tax collection (VAT, excise taxes)

Calculations are based on certified methodology for calculation of economic impacts of cultural organizations.

This software has been created thanks to the project Mapping of cultural and creative industries in the Czech Republic (DF11P01OVV031), which is financed by the Czech ministry of culture.

The first version of the Cultural Calculator (CulCal) was developed in 2013, the latest multipliers for Czech economy were updated in 2015. Next update is planned for 2017/2018.